Parantap Shekhar Foundation proudly believes in promotion of historical & heritage sites for their richness, knowing our past to be the reason for today.

It is an utmost proud feeling to draw inspiration from historical and heritage sites of India and love to design the entire collection as renaissance of beautiful ancient human hand crafting

Parantap Shekhar Foundation promisingly ensures to design collection stitching Environment-friendly organic fabrics, natural dyes, organic paints. It is intended for:

  • Prevention of soil-land & water pollution, save Earth from hazardous damage

 Parantap Shekhar Foundation takes its responsibility to save mother Earth imbibing intentionally to  practice:

  • Plastic-free hand carry bags & packaging materials
  • Paperless internal operations- all internal processes using technology to save paper and plants
  • Usage of Solar energy while garment stitching moreover to prevent air pollution, energy conservation
  • Usage of low decibel machines to prevent noise pollution