Parantap Shekhar is one of a bunch of originators who has adhered
consistent with his style and imaginativeness in the surge of bland mercenary
of the style plan business. He is best known for making style marks inside
worldwide styling prompts with the goal that his costumes are novel.

Best known for his skill in mixing the great traditional with the contemporary,
the antique with the new and inventive utilization of weaves, textures to make
men and women-an impression of luxury,

eccentric, non-conventionalist yet established in works of art. The outfits are
their legacies like gems in light of its exemplary belongingness and amazing
The name’s energy for both the plan procedure and a definitive piece of
clothing is powered by the creators masterful coherence and recognizing eye
for detail. The conviction of the mark is to make ready for couture to be held
onto as a component of one’s own’s style closet with the liberal utilization of
outlandish themes and rich iridescent tones reflecting lux allure that creates
an impression. From day to night festivities, the look and feel accentuates its
pith of Indian conventional weavings with a peep of prints systems makes a
nostalgic encounter
A Design graduate launched his label in 2016.